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The English army's famed longbowmen decimated the arrogant French cavalry at the muddy battle of Agincourt in the year 1415 despite being outnumbered by a much larger French army. By all historical accounts, the French were a complete cluster-fuck and too insubordinate in their personal pride and honour to follow the battle plan laid out by the Marshal of France.

Before the battle had begun, the French had even flown the Ore d'Flamme banner in plain sight for the English soldiers to know that they would not be giving quarter to any common foot soldiers when they were defeated in battle.

On the other hand, the starving English army who had suffered heavy casualties due to dysentery before they even reached their supposedly last stand at Agincourt had lost all hope in foreign enemy territory while the well provisioned French army bid their time patiently shadowing them on the opposite side of the river Somme.

This now well celebrated one sided moment of slaughter in English history where English commoners wiped out French nobility completely changed the concept of chivalry in European warfare and by all factors should not have happened because it broke all the rules of what was supposed to be possible at the time.

The longbow was just a tool, albeit a very effective one that gave the English a great advantage but the real secret was that the bowmen were just commoners who were required by law at the time to practice archery on every Sunday. This practice was encouraged by the clergy at a time when the game of football was discouraged by authorities in favour of Sunday archery.

The result was that the English were able to produce a very strong and well conditioned army of expert marksmen who could handle the simple but difficult to master longbow very well when their very lives depended on it. This lesson was not lost on the later British empire who built their global dominance by continuously training their sailors in the basics of naval gunnery.

It is on this Sunday Archery principle that is an open secret which I believe can make anyone good at almost anything that can be bettered through practice of the basics no matter how handicapped one might initially believe themselves to be just as long as they dedicate themselves to the practice of the basics.

I have seen this happen to myself several times in the past decade. I started out as an unskilled graphic designer and a very unskilled programmer who couldn't use basic syntax to solve simple problems.

Over the years, I learned a few tricks:

I wasn't born knowing how to do anything. Natural talent is a bonus but sacrifice, dedication, sheer willpower and hard work can also bring me up to that level or beyond.

I will never know everything there is to know.

I will always continue to learn new things but I cannot expect special treatment despite not being as experienced nor will I expect lenience if I fail. It is ultimately and always will be a swim or sink situation.

I will probably fail repeatedly and I have many times.

I will try again.

I will make mistakes but learn from them.

I will continue to make new mistakes from situations I have never encountered before.

I will understand and master the fundamental basics.

No challenge is too big nor any task too menial.

People sometimes ask me how I got to where I am today and automatically assume I was really good at these skills from the very start but they couldn't have been any further from the truth. Basic concepts are often simple to learn and easy to remember but difficult to truly understand and master. This is something I realized only recently that I don't think most people know. The only reason why I know this is because I only practiced the basics for three years without realizing it.

I spent my first three years building everything from fully functional shopping carts and particle based special effects in Flash using only the basic display API and syntax of variables, loops, functions and arrays to write algorithms before I was even introduced to Object Oriented Programming and later mentored on software architectural design as well as more advanced computer science concepts like data structures and standard protocols.

Mastering the fundamentals is as simple as finding out and understanding why the constant PI has a value of 3.14 or understanding what a polymorphic interface is in computer science. Most people will be able to tell you what the value of PI is but if asked to explain the concept of PI or explain what an interface is, they won't be able to answer in layman's term and may only provide a vague description they themselves don't quite understand.

Mastering and understanding the fundamentals means that if asked a basic question at any random time, you can answer the questions and explain it clearly, distinctly and precisely using layman's terms to someone who is not an expert in the field. Many self proclaimed experts can't.

Without doubt, it is entirely possible to learn basic programming syntax in forty-eight hours but it can take years to learn how to use it to create a desired technical objective one wants to reach. It sounds funny now but since I was self taught, I remember actually using a tweening engine to measure time delays using a very simple move animation command because I didn't know of the existence of intervals and timers.

My code has become very efficient since those days.


The spider god of trickery
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Dzayin Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Keep up the goodwork you are an awesome flasher !! inspiring .
Dzayin Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Student Interface Designer
usualy i dont post on people wall but i came across your journal a few time and rode some of your articles your toughts are great.
Ive been following some of the same courses recently too but i am just a beginner in html,css,flash .. sometimes it is very hard and frustrating as a self taught webdesigner i hope to get better with the time, everything is evolving,changing and goin so fast not easy to keep on track .
I added you to my devwatch and thanks for the brief and refreshing links about courses . .
anazei Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
In my experience, one of the biggest obstacles to learning anything is not in how difficult the subject is but your individual mindset and psychology. It's when I used to think, "oh this is too complicated, too hard" that I wasn't able to learn because I didn't even bother trying as hard as I could have.
Dzayin Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Student Interface Designer
yeah true thats the right state of mind :)
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Sephius-Fernando Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011  Professional General Artist
anazei. My name is Fernando Rabello. Im from Epifânica who is developing The Light of the Darkness. Great work you have. If you still want to help us, lets talk some day.
Sonala Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011  Professional Filmographer
my name is mel and i am french!!
i am a 3d designer!!
and i search someone to help me for creating my website in flash!!
i can pay if the price is in my price!!
so if you agree can you note me??
Brodys-Babe Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Student General Artist
:yoda::iconsaysplz:Hello, random deviant. Happy New Year, to you.
ND1Razor Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello Der!
anazei Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Random deviant feature?
ND1Razor Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
indeed ^^
Sly-The-Foxx Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
hello random deviant. just passing this vid around the internet to get the word out.

Love it, Hate it,
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The choice is yours and yours alone.


Take care, have a good one.
Sukii-x-Chan Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
o - o Your Deviant ID I gotta say is epic!!
KeyLimeKitten Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
Hi, you were someone I happened to come across by means of the random deviant feature. Usually, I leave a nice greeting, a llama, and fave a piece of work before running along to the next person. It's not exactly the nicest thing I could do, but I figured one small stop here and there could possibly benefit both my random deviant and myself eventually.

You, however, were the first person that made me stop and actually look around. I read your journal on the faltering economics, and I'm intrigued by your thoughts. When I have more time, I want to come back and explore more. So, I'm adding you to my devwatch because I found your graphics appealing as well.

It is a pleasure to come across your page.
anazei Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks! I've been getting some crazy amount of Llama badges in the past week lol, my daily page views are through the roof as well, I thought someone was directing traffic to my page or something. I guess the random deviant feature is probably what is driving a lot of people to this page since I'm really inactive.
kittykoolkatz Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009  Student Filmographer
Hello random deviant! :wave: I'm Lisa Nani and if you would be so kind to visit my gallery and post feedback i'll be very happy :icongrin--plz: the link is listed below :below: and thanks for your time :aww:
hennanights Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009
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Flash and cooking? lol
HardToName Featured By Owner May 3, 2009
Hi random deviant :)

Hows it going?
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marthig Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
:wave: Hi! I am sorry for taking some time in letting you know. I Featured three of your works in my February Journal I hope you agree with my choices but if you would like to change anyone just note me with the thumb you would like to be posted instead.
Thank you for having visited my site, which is why you got featured. :nod: :hug: Please roll down to the "Tradition Visitors" section. :blowkiss:
znow-white Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
Your wonderful resources have been included in my Weekly Gems Article for the Resources gallery [link]
Thank you for providing the community with such fabulous Resources.:heart:
PandoraofBrushia Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the pageview. :)
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